How to “flood the feed” and increase your passion for hot yoga/fitness/movement

October 6, 2016by

This approach is more about self awareness and creating a self perpetuating feedback loop which can encourage your interest in whatever yoga/fitness program you choose. Also, by coming into an understanding that we can design a space within our mind that will help map out what we seek to accomplish. This in turn will supercharge and create a loop you can continually amplify. That is the name of the game. Basically it’s a form of western esotericism, which sounds sexier than it is. On to brass tacks. 

By using the technological tools of today which include a multitude of social media platforms you can imprint that which you seek. The human mind works in such a way that the more images you see, the more video you consume, and the more you interact with the topic you are curious about, the more you are likely to become passionate about it. Once you become passionate about an activity, it goes without saying that you will become committed to that activity. Say for example, you have always wanted to go to a hot yoga class, but at the last minute you change your mind, or get discouraged that you might not know enough to be in the class, let alone participate in the class. Steven Kotler, best selling author of Rise of the Superman wrote an article in Forbes stating that,“Passion exists in the intersection of multiple things you are curious about.”  So where does one start?

We live in a world where by the click of a button you can make Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. accounts and flood your feed with images that will support the things you are curious about.  By allowing these images to fuel your passion, you can design an environment for your mind that will take the idea of going to a hot yoga class and turn it from a task into an experience to look forward to. Give the technology you consume a plus rather than minus, meaning rather than thinking of instagram, snapchat, Facebook, as something that is detrimental, flip it and use it for what you want to encourage in your life. Truth be told it’s what the yogis/fitness/artists/writers of today are doing, they are mediating and co-authoring their own subjective experience and interacting with others who do the same. In other words they are creating their own story. 

It’s interesting to note that some people have to intellectually realize this concept before they allow the idea to become a natural part of their lexicon. In this instance, the design of your technological space can be in such a way that it helps ignite your passion or inspire you.  This something that architects understand very well. The impact a space can have on you will be explored in later articles.

Understanding the landscape you live in and using that landscape to enhance or encourage yourself is something we do every day. Make a list of the types of yoga you have always been interested in, including poses that peak your interest.  Maybe you wonder how someone can do those poses with their bodies and appear peaceful when they do so. Expand that curiosity into something tangible. On a personal note I don’t write down what I want to accomplish, I feel it’s too slow. Here is what I do if I want to work towards a yoga pose.  I’ll flood my feed with every image I can on all of my social media platforms and, voila, the pose becomes either doable in a shorter amount of time or, more importantly, I make a connection to the posture while working on getting into the asana. So, flood the feed and let me know how it works for you. 

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